How I voted in November 2016

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Here is how I voted in the November 2016 and some of my reasoning.

Before reading this post, I recommend reading Michael Levinson's "Why I vote 'no' on (almost) all California ballot propositions, even if I agree with them".


President & Vice President: Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine

California Senator: Kamala Harris

California District 12 Representative: Preston Picus

California State

District 11 State Senator: Scott Wiener

District 17 Member of the State Assembly: David Chiu

California State Propositions

Proposition 51No$9 billion in bonds for education and schools. Opposed for same reasons as Gov Jerry Brown.
Proposition 52YesVoter approval of changes to the hospital fee program. Supported because money from the federal government allocated for a special purpose should be used for that purpose.
Proposition 53NoProjects that cost more than $2 billion. Opposed for samee reasons as CA Democratic Party.
Proposition 54YesConditions under which legislative bills can be passed. Supported because citizens should be able to review and contact their legislators regarding a bill’s final form before the legislators votes.
Proposition 55NoPersonal income tax increases on incomes over $250,000. I'm ok with this conceptually, but $250k is too low. Tax millionaires, not the equivalent of middle class in California. As the LA Times said, “The tax system that Proposition 55 locks in place until 2030 is fiscally, politically and socially unsound, and voters should reject it and demand that the Legislature produce something better”
Proposition 56YesIncrease the cigarette tax by $2.00 per pack. Why not…
Proposition 57YesFelons convicted of non-violent crimes. Supported because increasing parole considerations for non-violent offenders will help overcrowded jails.
Proposition 58YesBilingual education in public schools. Supported because local school systems should be allowed to use the language for teaching that best serve its students.
Proposition 59YesState's position on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. This is a stupid abuse of the proposition system and doesn’t do shit, but I support any effort to affirm that corporations aren’t people.
Proposition 60NoRequire the use of condoms in pornographic films. Opposed because consenting adults should be allowed to make decisions for themselves.
Proposition 61NoPrescription drug price regulations. Opposed because drug companies will either increase prices for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or refuse to sell to them. This is bad policy.
Proposition 62YesRepeal the death penalty.
Proposition 63YesBackground checks for ammunition purchases.
Proposition 64YesLegalization of marijuana and hemp.
Proposition 65NoGive disposable bag revenue to Wildlife Conservation Fund. Opposed because group behind this proposition is against the bag tax.
Proposition 66NoDeath penalty procedures changes. Opposed because I'm supporting Proposition 62.
Proposition 67YesProhibition on plastic single-use carryout bags similar to San Francisco’s law

San Francisco

Member, Community College Board: Alex Randolph

For other positions, I deferred to San Francisco Chronicle's recommendations.

San Francisco City & Region Propositions

Proposition AYesSFUSD bond measure
Proposition BYesCity College of San Francisco parcel tax
Proposition CYesReallocate unspent seismic upgrade bond money to housing
Proposition DNoHold special election for unexpected city supervisor vacancies. No, wasteful ($340k per incident) and unnecessary (the current rules are fine)
Proposition ENoMake the city responsible for sidewalk trees. Opposed because homeowners should do their part to keep our city nice and this is expensive.
Proposition FNoLower city voting age to 16. Opposed because it violates state law and would result in expensive litigation with the state.
Proposition GYesRename existing department that oversees police conduct and give it more independence.
Proposition HNoCreate new city agency for public interactions. Opposed due to new $3.5M annual cost.
Proposition INoForce allocation of budget for senior care. Opposed because Supervisors should keep budget agility.
Proposition JNoForce allocation of budget for transportation and homelessness services. Opposed because Supervisors should keep budget agility.
Proposition KYesSales tax increase in response to state sales tax decrease
Proposition LNoDisempower the Mayor from doing their job regarding Muni
Proposition MNoCreate yet more overhead for building housing
Proposition NNoPermit non-citizen voting. Opposed because it violates state law and would result in expensive litigation with the state.
Proposition OYesAllow Hunters Point development to have add more office space than typically permitted. Supported because: Build, baby, build!
Proposition PNoIncrease bullshit to increase housing
Proposition QNoMake the lives of people living in tents on sidewalks shittier
Proposition RNoForce allocation of police force to do monitor neighborhood crime. Opposed because SFPD should keep allocation agility.
Proposition SNoForce allocation of budget from hotel tax revenue. Opposed because Supervisors should keep budget agility.
Proposition TYesAdditional restrictions on gifts/donations from lobbyists to politicians
Proposition UNoIncrease income qualification for affordable housing
Proposition VNoThe fucking soda tax again. Opposed because this is nanny-state non-sense. A 1.5 cent tax will not change anyone's behavior. If we want to curb sugar consumption, we should tax sugar itself, not one product containing it. The best strategy for that would be to end federal corn subsidies responsible for the primary source of sugar in the US. This proposition adds regulation without accomplishing anything.
Proposition WNoIncrease sales tax on expensive real estate. Opposed because Supervisors have stated an intent to use the new revenue to fund street tree maintenance (really) and make already-affordable City College tuition-free.
Proposition XNoIncrease bullshit to increase housing—in the name of Art.
Measure RRYesBond for BART