WordPress Meetup

International WordPress Meetup Day is Saturday, June 26, 2004, at 4 PM. For Boston WordPress users, I suggest somewhere along Newbury Street, as to suckle off of the Newbury Open Net.


Wired News: DMCA Foes Find Allies in House Not to beat the issue to death, but the DMCA needs to die. Call your Representatives. eHow: How to Celebrate Bunker Hill Day Another regional holiday that I was totally unaware of until its day of celebration.


I just took an all natural shower courtesy of the Burt’s Bees Starter Kit I bought yesterday at Trader Joe’s. Now I’m ready to sleep in my favorite unnatural fabric, lycra. ::love::

FOXNews.com Redesign

Everyone agrees. The new FOXNews.com redesign is the worst thing to launch since MSNBC. Here’s why: The index page alone is ~900 lines long, weighing in at over 45 KB just in code! Layout priority is placed on advertisements, not news content, and even the content is incorrectly prioritized. I should not have to scroll […]

Curiously Jeremiah

Welcome to the first release of Curiously Jeremiah. Much of my blog is about my life: the events, people, and errata that makes existence notable. I am blessed (and sometimes plagued) by an intense curiosity about all aspects of the world. With every occasional scenery change, I evermore realize how much knowledge of self I […]