“You sound like a porn commercial for Burt’s Bees.” Bryan Schwegler, in response to my lamenting that my lips were so smooth and soft and, unfortunately, not being put into action.

Calling Lynchburg

I am working part-time at a market research firm this summer. In an average night, I make approximately 200 phone calls. The call center usually has about 30 stations staffed. Everyone on the same project shares the same phone list and numbers are randomly assigned to interviewers. So what are the chances that I not […]

Unleash the Apple Zealots

Steve Jobs just wrapped up his WWDC keynote with amazing things coming to the next version of Mac OS X, codename Tiger. But because Mac zealots are never satisfied, here are my predictions: They will claim that Apple is killing third party developers. Sherlock = better Watson Spotlight = better LaunchBar Dashboard = better Konfabulator […]

Public Service Announcement

Since launching Curiously Jeremiah, Internet Explorer use to my site has dropped to only 18.5% of all visitors, compared to over 30% before, while traffic to my site has increased 15%. My detour is working. I do not want to beat this issue to death, but a very very very serious Internet Explorer vulnerability is […]

Happy Birthday Smurf!

Several Irish students are working in the call center for the summer. They’re chill. And I was invited to Sarah’s (a.k.a. Smurf) birthday party at Phi Kappa Sigma. Yay for Irish pop music!


“Well, it’s spring fever. Everyone tries to sleep with everyone they know who is mildly attractive and then they take photos of flowers.” –Nick Rhodes, in response to my appreciation (?) for the virtual monsoon of digital macro shots of flowers in the spring.

iTMS Success, RIAA Failure

Apple iTunes Music Store Europe announced that it sold more than 800,000 songs in one week. (For those playing along at home, that’s 16 times more than Apple’s nearest competitor!) In other news, the RIAA still does not understand why single sales are wildly popular, so it sued another 428 people today.

Curiously v1.1

Curiously Jeremiah version 1.1 includes small improvements: Wicked awesome emoticons easily accessible on the comment forms courtesy of Alex King’s WP-Grins and Jason’s Smiley Collection. Hella good formatting helpers on the comment forms courtesy of the ExpressionEngine license that I’m not using for this site. Last and certainly least: Better Internet Explorer support. The treatment […]

Shout Out to Europe

Here’s to my friends across the pond! USA Today: EU adopts constitution, faces substantial hurdles Europeans worry the EU is taking too much of their national sovereignty. Turnout for this month’s parliamentary elections was 45% of eligible voters, the lowest turnout on record. Maybe Professor Roush’s theory of pacifist anarchy is accurate. Regardless, the EU […]