Why San Diego?

me in the back yard

As I am getting settled in at my new SoCal location and exciting news is scarce, I will explain a few issues about the past more intensely.

Why am I in San Diego? After my financial aid with Emerson College evaporated like the mere thought of moisture in the Sahara, I decided to defer for a year from college. A new decision now needed attention: Do I continue to live at home or do I live on my own?

I defined two short-term goals for the next year. The first goal is one of personal development. I want to improve myself creatively, intellectually, mentally, physically, and spiritually to become five times what I am today. The second goal is worldly but necessary: save money.

Accomplishing the second goal can happen regardless of location. The first goal is the most difficult.

Logistics made staying at home far more practical, but would result in a retardation of goal one as I was very discontent with home life.

Leaving your home on good terms with your parents is a very Biblical practice. My parents are nescient, so my primary concern focused on my native siblings. Their well-being is questionable, but they are strong people and will benefit from being refined within the fire that engulfs them.

A deadlock tormented me at this point.

My Uncle Jon came to the rescue with wisdom that customarily oozes out of him. He invited me to live with his family in San Diego. Logistical issues disappeared and comfort intensified around the family problems while giving hopeful excitement to make this one rad year away from college.

So here I am. It’s a great place to be and it only gets better.